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Wilson Lennard (PhD) (Director) has been studying aquaponics for the past 15 years. He is a PhD graduate from Australia (RMIT University, 2006) with practical commercial aquaponics experience and knowledge. Wilson's PhD centred on optimizing the aquaponic process in terms of maximum plant growth and nutrient removal for the Australian Murray Cod fish species and the Green Oak lettuce variety. This was done by using a scientifically replicated experimental aquaponic system. Wilson proved that an optimal balance of fish to plants may be achieved, so that the same water may be used perpetually within the system. This means that water is never removed from the system, and therefore aquaponics is the most water efficient food growing technology in the world today. In addition, aquaponics has zero environmental impacts (because of the absence of nutrient-rich waste-water discharges from the system) if managed correctly.

Aquaponic Solutions has been born out of Wilson's research experience. Wilson has subsequently developed SYMBIOPONICS™, a complete design and management methodology for aquaponic systems. In addition, Wilson also has proven commercial aquaponic experience that has shown that his SYMBIOPONICS™ approach to aquaponic system design and management is completely technically viable, producing fish growth and yields, and plant (over  50 varieties) growth and yields that are comparable to the relevant, associated, individual industries (Fish - Recirculating Aquaculture; Plants - Standard Hydroponics).

Aquaponic Solutions is now growing into an international consulting firm, with customers in New Zealand, The South Pacific Islands, Singapore, The Middle East, Asia  and the USA. Our aquaponic system design approach was developed in Australia for World Wide application. Because our approach is simple and flexible, we have found that it is suitable for almost any aquaponic situation, fish or plant species around the world.  

In addition to this aquaponic experience, Wilson also has scientific and engineering skills and experience in associated aquatic disciplines, including freshwater aquaculture, marine aquaculture, hydroponics, integrated aquatic farming systems, freshwater aquatic ecology and environmental biology. These skills and experience have been accumulated over a professional scientific career of almost 20 years. He therefore brings a wide array of experience and a holistic environmental approach to Aquaponic Solutions.






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