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Backyard/Hobby System Aquaponic Calculators

New Version 2.0 Domestic System Design Tool

At Aquaponic Solutions we have updated our domestic aquaponic system design calculator to Version 2.0 for all those people who wish to design and build their own backyard/hobby/domestic media bed aquaponic systems. This model allows you to size the media bed (gravel bed) of your system based on important requirements: the fish feed to plant use ratio requirement (we use a modified UVI ratio model for this) and the solids mineralisation requirement (to make sure that the solids that enter the gravel bed are broken down and mineralised efficiently and completely).

There are many different sizing approaches for media bed aquaponic systems, but none of them are actually based on the use of sound or established scientific or technical principles. Our new updated sizing model uses established and well known associations for fish feed input to plant use ratios and known and established gravel bed solids mineralisation rates.

The model is provided as an excel spreadsheet for ease of use and we also provide a document that explains the model and explains how to use the model. We hope this assists you with designing your backyard or hobby scale aquaponic systems. Happy aquaponicing!




              The new metric sizing model                The new "How to use..." document



We have also written a new USA version of the model for all of those people who wish to size their systems using USA units.


                                                       The new USA sizing model                   The new "how to use..." document





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