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Aquaponic Solutions provides consulting services for those interested in entering the commercial aquaponics industry. We consult on the full spectrum of commercial aquaponics systems, from small owner/operator commercial systems, to large Commercial-scale, fully integrated systems and "retrofits" to existing Aquaculture and Hydroponic facilities. Commercial aquaponic system consulting utilises our unique SYMBIOPONICS™ methodology.

If you require consulting services from a company with over 14 years' experience in the aquaponics field, scientific proof of its claims, established engineering experience and knowledge and practical experience with operating and running commercial aquaponics business', then please feel free to contact us at Aquaponic Solutions.

Projects include: 

1. A commercial-scale aquaponic system in King Lake Victoria - Minnamurra Australia.

2. A pilot-scale greenhouse containing standard NFT hydroponic and NFT aquaponic systems side by side for direct comparison trials - New Zealand.

3. An aid project to introduce Aquaponics to the Pacific Islands for food security, niche-scale business opportunity and to assist islander diets.

4. Release of Version 2.0 of our popular hobby-scale aquaponic system media bed sizing calculator.

5. Aquaponics training facility at Fiji National University (FNU), Fiji.

6. Aquaponics learning center for Winun Ngari Aboriginal Coorporation in Derby, western Kimberley, Western Australia.

7. Small commercial aquaponics for Australian native foods production in Perth, Western Australia.

8. SymbiponicsTM commercial scale aquaponics system at Southern Organics in Alabama, USA.







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