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Aquaponic Fact Sheets

At Aquaponic Solutions we are keen to assist people with the basics of aquaponics. We have noticed that the amount of information available on the internet is large and growing. What we have also noticed is that much of that information is highly conserved; meaning that much of it is simply copied from other sources. This means that a lot of the aquaponics information available on the internet is the same. The other issue is that a lot of it is also incorrect!

As we all know, aquaponics is the integration of recirculating fish aquaculture (RAS) and standard hydroponics. These two industries have been established for some time now and there is a lot of good quality, scientifically voracious information on these two areas available. We wonder why many people in the aquaponics industry do NOT use this established and reliable information?

There are also other disciplines that are applicable to aquaponics; the most important one is that of Media-based Constructed Wetlands.

Our philosophy at Aquaponics is to NOT "re-invent the wheel" in terms of aquaponic technical design and operation, but rather, to use, evolve and adapt the existing technological information available.

Our Aquaponic Fact Sheets have been written using this philosophy and because much of this information is generic and freely available, we see no justification in charging you for it. So, please downlaod our FREE fact sheets by simply clicking on the icons below.


Please Note: Our Media Beds & Sizing fact sheet has been recently updated to reflect the advances we have made in

Media bed sizing modelling . This new updated version is now available for FREE download.



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